CBT Skills Training

CBT TrainingThese series of 2 day workshops aiming to give practical and theoretical skills in CBT for counsellors, therapists, mental health workers (including graduates) and health & care professionals towards continuing professional development.


CBT Skills Programme Overiew

2014 Training events
- Assessment and Formulation
- Suicide assessment and prevention
- Basic CBT skills
- CBT for Working with depression
- CBT for Working with common anxiety problems


Venue: Renewal Family Centre,  Vulcan Rd, Solihull, West Midlands B91 2JY OR in house training

Who should attend

These 2 day events are suitable for counsellors, therapists, mental health workers (including graduates), health & care professionals, anyone who considers their role encompasses counselling skills and those who assesses people's needs and makes referrals/signposts.

Course content overview:

Assessment & Formulation / Understanding and assessing Needs (accredited by OCNWMR - optional)

This two day workshop will cover some fundamental skills of using CBT. The workshop offers a brief introduction to basic CBT theory with aim of teaching participants the CBT skills of assessing clients and producing CBT formulations, of their problems. The workshop focuses on practical clinical skills, through role-play. The workshop facilitator will role-play interventions with clients, leading workshop participants through the stages of assessment, to produce a CBT formulation for the ‘client’. The Format of the workshops will be a mixture of taught sessions, large and small group work, skills practice. Whilst this is a standalone CPD workshop, delegates have the option of registering with OCNWMR to be awarded with a level 3 OCNWMR unit (2 credits) on successful completion of the workshop and additional short assignment.

Suicide Risk Assessment and Prevention (accredited by OCNWMR - optional)

This course uses evidenced based practice to cover the essentials for any practitioner who may encounter people who are contemplating taking their own life. It is informed by the principles of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy for England 2012:
Day 1  covers general risk assessment (people not environment) especially assessing and managing suicidal crisis.
Day 2  covers crisis prevention and problem solving in relation to suicidal risk.

Basic CBT Skills  (accredited by OCNWMR - optional)

These two days of workshops build on the Assessment and Formulation days, and provide an introduction to some of the basic strategies used in CBT. These include setting the agenda, identifying and testing negative automatic thoughts, using guided discovery (“Socratic questioning”), goal setting, and the basics of setting up behavioural experiments. The workshop involves extensive role-play, in order to give participants hands-on experience and feedback of clinical strategies.

CBT Skills for Working with Depression (accredited by OCNWMR - optional)

The aim of this workshop is to develop and progress some of the basic skills learned in the Assessment and Formulation workshop and Basic CBT workshop and integrate them in the context of working with clients with depression. Particular issues addressed will include: engendering hope, countering withdrawal and inactivity, and dealing with negative automatic thoughts and suicidal ideation. The workshop will provide plenty of opportunity to engage in skills practice.

CBT Skills for Working with Common Anxiety Problems (accredited by OCNWMR - optional)

Day 1: Panic (am); Social Anxiety (pm)
Day 2: Health Anxiety (am); OCD (pm)
These workshops build on the Assessment and Formulation workshop and Basic CBT workshop and aim to give participants an introduction to specific models and ways of working with some specific anxiety presentations commonly encountered. Again there will be opportunities to engage in skills practice to give participants opportunities to practice techniques relevant to the specific problems. These workshops are suitable for mental health professionals from any discipline who want a basic introduction to CBT skills.

Pricing structure for participants (per person) & Dates

Training events





CBT for Working with common anxiety problems - 2 Days 1-2 May 2014  £150



Assessment and Formulation / Understanding & Assessing Needs - 2 Days

18-19 Sep 2014


Suicide Risk Assessment and Prevention - 2 Days

16-17 Oct 2014


Basic CBT skills - 2 Days

6-7 Nov 2014


CBT for Working with depression - 2 Days

27-28 Nov 2014


CBT for Working with common anxiety problems - 2 Days

11-12 Dec 2014



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If you are interested in hosting in-house training for any of the above workshops, please contact us to discuss your needs.