Debriefing Retreat

5 day debriefing retreat for missionaries or those in full time ministry
Harker Grange, Carlisle, Cumbria

An intentional time to see people flourish in the environment in which they serve.

Debriefing seeks to:

  • Normalise feeling (of joy, disappointment, mourning, guilt etc) by talking with people who understand
  • Help people evaluate and process their experience
  • Assist in conflict resolution and processing unfulfilled expectations
  • Bring closure
  • Help people look to the future.
  • Provide support fro re-entry, providing practical help for settling back into home culture
  • Help to inform the agency concerned learn what went well and could do better (Operational Debrief)
  • Help people stay in missions/full time ministry
  • Encourage others to practice debrief

Who should attend?

Those who work in the mission field, (regardless of Mission agency) as well as those working in full time Christian Ministry. Ideal for those entering into a sabbatical period or significant life transition.


£550 including all residential, food and debriefing costs (5 days)


Richard LoweRichard Lowe

Richard is a trained debriefer, working with YWAM for 28 years and has 30 years experience in missions - training and equipping those within mission and the local church.

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